Recommended Courses

My Favorites

I’ve taken a number of courses and below are my absolute favorite ones. 

Journal Tsunami

The ideal course to help you go from beginner to a publishing wiz. You'll learn a 4 step process for creating your very own low content books.

Turn Your Content into Ready to Sell Journals and Planners

Learn the ins and outs of using Powerpoint to create, design, and publish your own journals, planners, and printables.

Digital Planner Bonanza

Join in the digital planning craze by learning to design and create your very own digital planners and workbooks.

DIY Sticker Creation With Affinity

Do you want to add stickers to your digital planners and your online shop? Not interested in learning Photoshop or rather avoid the monthly cost of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite? Then you'll love this course.

Photoshop Sticker Maker

Want to get in on the sticker craze? If you're a Photoshop user, you'll love this no nonesense course on how to create your very own digital sticker pack. Stickers make a great addition to your stickers and journals.

Printables Playbook

Make your ideas come to life. No more searching around for just the right thing you. Learn how to make your own printables using Affinity software (an Adobe suite alternative).